Monday, February 23, 2009

a look at some of my fabric that i use for my pencil rolls and other projects

my new addition to my collection are pencil rolls and i will be offering customs as well.

Thay will be available soon at online store Sunshine 'n' Lollipops and customs are available at and

Friday, February 13, 2009

whoops forgot to mention the's are all going ether on madit or on an other online shop more on that soon

fairy wine charms

stich markers

another bag made from a top

the bottom of this bag was a fluke that it looks like the bottom of a soda bottle

bag made from a top

i keeped the buttons down on side of this bag for extra character the Base of the top was lacey so i used that for the straps its white & blue my cam was not working properly

another bag made from a skirt

no pocket or anything to close it but mite put some plastic snaps yet to deside

a bag made from a cord skirt

it has a lining from new fabric with a zip pocket and a gold vintage button to help hold the bag closed

first is a reversble bag made from 2 tops
some of the thing iv been working on this last few weeks are some stich markers, wine charms, pencil rolls & some bags made from reclaimed tops & skirts

some of my fav sites